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2018 Seed Guide
2018 Seed Guide
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405 Branded Alfalfa



Widely Adapted

405 Branded Alfalfa


  • Blend of proprietary alfalfa varieties for fields or situations when “the best” isn’t necessary but value is


  • Adapted to production geographies where fall dormancy 3 to 5 varieties are recommended

Appearance at Harvest Maturity

  • Appearance will vary depending upon the proprietary components selected

405 Branded Alfalfa

Yield Rating Key: 5 = Best; 3 = Average; 1 = Poor

Agronomic Yield Ratings are based on average performance between Alforex varieties. Actual performance may be adversely affected by extreme conditions. Unless stated,ratings are based on standardized testing procedures endorsed by the North American Alfalfa Improvement Conference.

Low lignin ratings are measured and calculated by proprietary Alforex Seed protocols.

FastGrowth ratings are calculated by Alforex Seeds from weekly measurement of varieties grown side-by-side from green-up to harvest through the growing season. Expressed as average centimeters growth per day. >2.20 = Very Fast; >2.00 = Fast; >1.80 = Average; >1.60 = Slow; <1.60 = Very Slow

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