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2018 Seed Guide
2018 Seed Guide
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Oat Varieties


  • High yielding with good test weight
  • Highest U of MN 3-year average yield
  • Late maturity, medium-tall height
  • Good standing
  • Good resistance to Crown rust and smut
  • Medium-yellow seed


  • Medium early
  • High yield
  • Medium tall
  • Yellow seed
  • Good test weight
  • BYDV tolerant and resistant to smut
Hard Red Spring Wheat Varieties


  • Very high yield
  • Medium height, good straw strength
  • Average test weight
  • Protein similar or slightly higher than Faller
  • Excellent resistance to leaf and stem rust
  • Above average resistance to scab
  • Excellent milling and baking properties

Oat Varieties Uncertified


  • High yield for grain or oatlage
  • Medium maturity
  • Medium tall